Is It Almost Showtime With China?

In my many years of life I’m seeing a worldwide situation that must be very similiar to that facing the World from 1933 to 1941. There is just to much going on in the World right now and all that is needed is the lit match to cause the spark. We might have just witnessed that match being lit –

 Pakistan: Several dead after gunmen attack stock exchange | News | DW | 29.06.2020


  (DW is Dutasche Welle)

From the Article

“Additionally, the Majid Brigade of the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) took responsibility for the attack. The BLA is an armed insurgent group advocates for the independence of Balochistan province from Pakistan.

“The Balochistan Liberation Army is being funded by India,” defense analyst Amjad Shoaib told DW. “Baloch insurgents are being supported and trained by Indian intelligence agencies. The Pakistani government expected that such an attack could be perpetrated. Authorities are now taking an action against those involved in it.” The claim of responsibility has yet to be confirmed.”

Why is this important to China? As the South China Morning Post of June 27, 2020 points out:

For China, there are big economic interests at stake.

Pakistan-administered Kashmir is the site of key elements of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a series of infrastructure projects in Pakistan funded by Chinese bank loans. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has called the CPEC a “flagship project” of China’s broader Belt and Road Initiative

India has been vocal about its opposition to the CPEC, with Modi using bilateral meetings at forums like the G20 and official state visits to China to tell Xi that the CPEC’s inclusion of Kashmir is a threat to India’s national sovereignty.

Rakisits said that protecting CPEC was a top priority for China.

“In the long term, China’s upper hand militarily in the Ladakh region will make it easier for it to protect its CPEC assets in Pakistan-administered Kashmir if India ever decides to make a military incursion into that area,” he said.

For more information on China’s Belt and Road Initiative see my post of sdeveral days ago: Is It 1941 Again? China Instead of Japan?

I saw nothing in the American Media concerning China/India but on May 19th I saw this article on a Russian site: India Rushes Additional Troops to Galwan Valley after China Claims it as its Territory – Sputnik International . Since then it has blown way up cumulating with: ‘At least 20’ Indian soldiers killed in border clash with Chinese troops, media reports say | South China Morning Post on June 16th. Since then, both China and India have been rushing troops and equipment to the area. Also, some of China’s Allies in the area have been stepping up the pressure on India.

China Orders Prayer Flags Taken Down in Tibet in an Assault on Culture, Faith – Radio Free Asiaposted 06/17/20

New map row: Nepal says no offer of talks from India, deploys its troop at Indo-Nepal border | News – Times of India Videosposted 06/19/20

Amid stand-off with China, India faces new low in bilateral ties with Nepal | South China Morning Postposted 06/20/20


Nepal stations bombard Uttarakhand villages with anti-India songs | India News – Times of Indiaposted 06/21/20

And now Pakistan. As the South China Morning Post puts it in the above article:

“But observers say that this time the main driver of the conflict was not the line dividing the two players but wider strategic interests involving a third country – China’s “iron brother” Pakistan.”

And today Pakistan’s has been attacked by a terrorist groups with supposed ties to India.

Has the Match been Lit?

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