Armenia/Azerbaijan – Is This The Beginning?

A Pale Horse & Death


Back in July of this year, Armenia and Azerbaijan had an approximately month long “Conflict” but resolved nothing and just racheted up tensions in the area between Russia and Turkey. On my page The Study Of War – Is It Coming? I listed some of the articles from that short period of time – Rusif Huseynov article below is one of those articles.

Eskalation des armenisch-aserbaidschanischen Konflikts: Was passiert derzeit? (computer translated) Conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan escalates again – The European

Sudden, short and bloody and then quiet. Then 2 1/2 months later I wake up to:

Azerbaijan, Armenia On War Footing After Reports Of Casualties In Heavy Fighting

Armenia Declares Martial Law, Prepares For A Possible War As Border Conflict Escalates With Azerbaijan – The Eursian Timesposted 09/27/20

Sounds a little bit more serious this time!

My worry is that this just might be the spark that lights the fuse in other areas – sort of similar to what happened in World War 1. While the World’s attention is on Armenia and Azerbaijan, who will use this conflict to settle scores and bite off disputed lands?

Just a few places to keep an eye on:

  • Belarus – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Suwalki Gap between Belarus and Kalingrad
  • China/India
  • East and South China Seas
  • Taiwan (probably not)

Just a thought or two

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Doc’s Study of War – Eastern and South China Sea

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