The World Is Getting Scary!

A Pale Horse & Death

I’ve been quiet for a time because there has just been to much going on in the World recently.  The United States has not calmed down since our presidentual election last fall –  in fact the divide has just gotten worse. COVID-19, in a many ways, has just made it worse because the American Public Health System has failed miserably and the Politicians just keep on committing the same mistakes that brought us to this point in time without trying to correct the situation.  The Political Class, as a whole, have continuously shown their disdain for the American Public and it’s getting even more disgusting as the Pandemic response and the Political turmoil continues.

The American Media – Freedom of the Press, unbiased reporting and all of that happy horseshit – has just made matters worse. When the flat out lies sprouting from Media “Anchors” mouths are accepted as the “Truth”, we are in a lot of trouble. I’ve given up watching the National American Media and even most of the Local News Media because they just keep “parroting” each others words in an attempt to get the public to swing towards what they want us to know and believe. Their reporting of “World” News would be laughable if it just wasn’t so damn disheartening in its lack of coverage. Most Americans have no idea of what is happening in the World and truthfully, don’t care.

So, as America has continued to turn inwards in one of the most self-destructive manners possible, the World has noted the turmoil and is adjusting to the new World Order. As I remember from some political thriller from the 60’s or 70’s – “We are on the last reel of the movie ‘The American Dream’ and it’s just about to run out”.  Being an older individual, hopefully I won’t be around to see the “Dream” end, but if I am around I won’t go quietly into the night.

A lot is going on in the World and I am surprised that nothing drastic has occurred in the past several months – YET.  

China is buying the World through it’s “Belt and Road Initiative” and if the billons of dollars they have paid out to countries aren’t repaid they take what they want – be it resources, Ports or other infrastructure. BRI is taking place on all continents and regions and soon they will own the World – be it peacefully or by military force. The money has to run out at some point and then it will be by force.

Russia is slowly falling apart and, like a wounded animal, is even more dangerous in it’s present self-inflicted state. It’s just a matter of which comes first – the government being overthrown or the government starting a war to prevent from being overthrown. I really don’t think the present Russian Government can survive in the long run, but it will go down in fire and brimstone.

More in the near future.


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