Getting Back Into It.

I’ve been quiet for a long time, but things are starting to look a little tense all around the World. In a lot of ways, I’ve been surprised that nothing major has occurred since the U.S. Elections last year – but I have a very strong feeling that the peace is going to be shattered fairly soon.

The U.S. elections of 2020 and Joe Biden’s election, with his extreme Progressive agenda, are setting us up for a big fall and, unfortunately, the rest of the World is in the same shape as we are at this time and there are going to be some hard times to get through. Trump was many things, but nobody really wanted to mess with him and the U.S. directly. Biden, and the 1960’s-1970’s mentality he still lives in, is a different story and World Events are going to show him the error of his ways pretty soon.

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