Possible War Warning


You aren’t hearing to much about these events in the American Media because they would prefer to ignore events going on around the world. Do not be surprised if something happens this weekend.

Polish Soldiers pepper-spray migrants to stop them hacking down border fence | Metro News – 11/09/21

Lithuania declares state of emergency on border with Belarus – EURACTIV.com – 11/10/21

Norwegian Army starts training with anti-tank mines near Russia border – The Barents Observer – 11/10/21

Belarus leader floats idea of cutting gas to Europe in migrant standoff | Reuters – 11/11/21

Neighbours of Belarus say migrant crisis risks military clash | Reuters – 11/11/21

Norwegian Undersea Surveillance Network Had Its Cables Mysteriously Cut – The Drive -11/11/21

Russian Paratroopers Land in Belarus as Tensions Simmer Over Migrant Crisis – The Moscow Times – 11/12/21

RF and Belarus make landing 5 km from the border with Lithuania – Inform Napalm – 11/12/21

Poland-Belarus border: British troops deployed to ‘address ongoing situation’ | Metro News – 11/12/21

UAWire – Ukraine to deploy 8,500 security forces and helicopters to the border with Belarus – 11/12/21

Belarus moving more troops to Polish border – Defense Blog – 11/12/21

Belgian F-16s intercept two Russian bombers over North Sea – The Brussels Times – 11/12/21

France warns Russia of ‘serious consequences’ on Ukraine – POLITICO – 11/12/21

US warns Europe that Russian troops might invade Ukraine | American Military News – 11/12/21

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