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BELARUS! – Extremely likely Flashpoint

Belarus is using refugees for politics. Turkey did the same thing – The Jerusalem Post – 11/08/21

Poland expects renewed efforts by migrants to force through Belarus border | Reuters – 11/09/21

Polish Soldiers pepper-spray migrants to stop them hacking down border fence | Metro News – 11/09/21

Poland blames Putin for instigating border crisis – POLITICO – 11/09/21

Russia floats idea of EU paying Belarus to stop migrant flows | Reuters – 11/09/21

Belarus migrants: Poland faces fresh border breaches – BBC News – 11/10/21

Lithuania declares state of emergency on border with Belarus – – 11/10/21

Belarus President Threatens To Cut Off Gas To EU As Group Warns Of Sanctions | The Daily Wire – 11/11/21

Belarus leader floats idea of cutting gas to Europe in migrant standoff | Reuters – 11/11/21

Turkey bans Syrians, Iraqis and Yemenis from flights to Belarus | Reuters – 11/12/21

Lithuania Jails Two Citizens For Spying For Russia – Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty – 11/13/21

Putin says any Belarusian move to cut gas flows risks hitting ties | Reuters – 11/13/21

Belarus leader says he wants Russian nuclear-capable missile systems | Reuters 11/13/21

Russia Is Massing Troops on the Ukrainian and Polish Borders | SOFREP – 11/13/21

Russian intelligence operating at EU border same way as they were in Ukraine in 2014 – Polish expert – UKRINFORM – 11/13/21

Ukraine says Russia has nearly 100,000 troops near its border | Reuters – 11/13/21

NATO warns Russia over Ukraine military build-up | Reuters



US issues warnings over China plan for military bases in Kenya – The East African – 11/06/21

Central Asia

China’s Influence in Southeastern Central, and Eastern Europe – Vulnerabilities and Resilience in Four Countries – Erik Brattberg, Philippe Le Corre, Paul Stronski, Thomas de Waal – OCTOBER 2021 – © 2021 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. All rights reserved.

Beijing Changes Its Approach to Economic Expansion in Central Asia – Jamestown – 10/28/21


Mission Tawang: PLA Army Heading Towards India’s Arunachal Pradesh; Will Seize Key Disputed Points: Chinese Social Media – Eurasian Times – 11/07/21

The steadily increasing risk of war between China and India – Nikkei Asia – 11/08/21

Pentagon says China installed Himalayan fiber-optics network – Asia Times – 11/09/21

India Wants New Threat Detection Radar on China Border – The Defense Post – 11/09/21

China/South and East China Sea

Chinese vessels return to reef at center of spat with Philippines — Radio Free Asia – 11/01/21


IN FOCUS: Strategists outline China’s possibilities – Taipei Times – 11/07/21

Taiwan says China can blockade its key harbours, warns of ‘grave’ threat | Reuters – 11/08/21

DEFENSE REPORT: PLA can block key harbors, ministry says – Taipei Times – 11/10/21



French Military Think Tank Report Highlights Chinese Influence Operations In the Czech Republic – Global Influence Operations Report – 11/07/21

All Areas

Armenia Caught In The Middle Of Energy Dispute Between Azerbaijan And Iran | – 11/09/21

South and Latin America

Russia Ready to Supply Weapon Systems to Peru – The Defense Post – 10/29/21

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